Has MLX hit the buffers (again)?

The aptly named Diamond Geezer on Twitter who is a railway buff originally from Croxley has unearthed a clue from the minutes of a recent meeting to discuss TfL’s business plan. He reports:

“But what might be more important is what the 80-page document doesn’t contain. One major Underground project, I’m sorry to say, has completely disappeared. It should be in this list and it isn’t.


He then carefully documents with photos the quite significant progress made so far:

The cutting at old West Watford station

There has been a lot of local interest and support generated in this project and a huge amount of public money invested so far.


While we support the connection of the Metropolitan Line via Cassiobridge, Vicarage Road and Watford High Street to Watford Junction, Save Watford Met does not believe this justifies closing the immensely popular and well used (1.85 million entry/exits in 2015) existing Watford Met station. 3,000 agree and have signed the petition!

Despite the potential regeneration benefits to Watford we have also for some time doubted the tangible business case for investment – after all who wants another 50+ minute stopping route from Central to Watford Junction?

We have also for some time doubted whether similar benefits couldn’t be derived from other alternatives including a round Watford ‘Hoppa’ bus or London Overground branch/ shuttle from Bushey via Watford High Street to the proposed new stations at Vicarage Road and Cassiobridge. This would save the huge project costs and disruption caused by constructing a 400m viaduct across the busy A412 Rickmansworth Road to join up with Croxley station.

Save Watford Met says:

While it would be a shame if the [unconfirmed] inference that the Metropolitan Line Extension to Watford Junction may have been dropped as a business plan priority for TfL, we would not really be surprised if this is not such a priority for London and that its Mayor, Sadiq Khan, may have concluded this from reviewing the somewhat contrived and shaky business case. Naturally residents in the Park Ward and West Watford would be relieved if the existing Watford Met Line Station which is convenient and well used (1.85 million entry/exits per annum) is to be reprieved.

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