Watford Met: will politicians keep promises after May 7th?

Almost all the Watford canditates for this week’s general election have pledged support for keeping services running to Watford Met.  But will they manage to keep this political football in play.  For the record, here’s what they have said:

In his blog Richard Harrington (Conservative) said: “I am absolutely delighted, this is really positive news for Watford. I’ve had extensive meetings with Boris Johnson, the DfT and others, and this morning the Treasury. This was the final hurdle, and I look forward to seeing the construction start soon.

The Croxley Rail Link was first floated as an idea in the 1920’s, which seems crazy, it was one of those things which people never thought was really going to happen – I remember my dad saying to me in the 80s that it was pie in the sky and we’d never see it done. Little did I think then, that I would be announcing this final step today! I made the Rail Link one of my priorities in 2010, I thought it had been talked about for far too long and we needed action – which is exactly what I did. The Government are investing millions of pounds in this, in Watford, and it will make such a difference to the town.

As this has now all been finalised and confirmed, I intend to move forward and renew discussions for the retention of Watford Metropolitan Line Station as well as linking Crossrail to Watford Junction and improvements on the Abbey Line and at Bushey Station.”

Again, here is a permanent link to his text.

Mayor Dorothy Thornhill (Liberal Democrat) said: ‘Watford’s role has been crucial to the project. We hosted a business case review in January with the Department for Transport and all the developers. We commissioned the independent economic impacts research which confirms that the Rail Link will catalyse 9700 construction jobs, 9400 permanent jobs and generate £8b gross value add. I believe these inputs were essential in persuading the DFT to support the case for the link. The icing on the cake would be to retain at least a shuttle service to Watford Met; after all the line to the Met station will be retained.’

In her blog she claims “Conservative county councillors have resisted to back a Liberal Democrat motion welcoming the Croxley Rail investment and asking the County Council to put pressure on Transport for London to keep Watford Met Station open.”

Here is a permanent link to the full text.

f955d-nick32bcolour2breduced2bsize2bcroppedUKIP’s Nick Lincoln says: “I read with interest Carol Scleater’s letter regarding the prposed closure of Watford Met station (‘Speak out and stop this injustice’ – Watford Observer Letters November 28 2014) . Mrs Scleater makes reference to the fact that if the existing Watford Met Station remains in situ, it would help alleviate some of the pressure on Watford’s commuters when (if) the HS2 redevelopment of Euston commences. A very good point I thought.”

@SaveWatfordMet @Observer_Owl @MyWatfordNews @BBC3CR Pleasure. I say the same thing at 24:05 here: http://t.co/bursCh7B3F

Here’s the permanent link to what he said.

Labour’s Matt Turmaine says

It’s not clear what Watford Green Party’s position is although they did make a call to better integrate local public transport across Hertfordshire in January 2014

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