What local people are saying about Watford Met

Over 1,800 people have so far signed the petition to save Watford Met.  Statistics cannot always however convey the very real concerns of real people.  Here are some of the latest comments.  The entire petition can be viewed here.

“What is the point of closing a popular much used station?”

“The Watford Boys Grammar School pupils who use the station will have a longer and more dangerous walk to school if the station is closed.  The housing around the station was developed to be served by the station so it is not right to now remove the station.”

“I live at the Cassio metro complex, built specifically around the station. It makes no sense closing a station that is used by thousand of local residents. Why not terminate some trains at Watford and some at Watford Junction? This will mean the whole line used and everyone is happy.”

“It will affect Watford Grammer School & increase the road traffic as student will then come by car/bus so more vehicular traffic. Further it will affect office goers.”

“I was really pleased to hear about the link but at the time I had no idea that the Met would close. Watford junction is already heaving. To get to the other side of watford (I live in leavesden) is arduous (flipping traffic) and the Met has saved my life and sanity on more than one occasion. It is a calmer, cheaper and actually pleasant route into London and I don’t want to lose that!”

“For me it is a far more convenient way to travel into London than from Watford Junction.”

“Watford Met is a busy station with good footfall numbers. There are a number of properties which have been built around the station, the primary amenity for which is Watford station. To remove this station and redirect services to two new stations makes no sense for the actual people who will be inconvenienced by this change, as I imagine those making the decisions have never made use of this station to know how good of a connection it currently is (why fix something which isn’t broken?).”

“We must retain the Watford met line station as it is very widely used and there is no compelling reason why the other schemes cannot co-exist with keeping this station open”

“The railtrack from Croxley and the Station at Watford will remain but become unusable by rail passengers. This is a waste of resources as this station currently serves a very wide area including the Cassiobury estate, Rickmansworth Road and the Boys’ Grammar School, to name but a few in the immediate vicinty.”

“From the top end of the cassiobury estate the walk to ascot road would be considerably longer.”

“Both my children have had to go to another town for secondary school due to poor availability of places nearer to home and as a consequence have to commute. If the met line closes our nearest station is too far and so I will have to drive. This is the situation for many parents and will add to local congestion, pollution and ultimately it will also affect my employment. I understand that the line has to remain open anyway for trains to change direction so why the station cannot remain in use remains a mystery!!!”

“Closing the Watford Met station will increase road traffic in Watford, but we need to do everything possible to reduce road traffic. Closing the Watford Met cause an overall reduction in service for some. If the station is retained, then there will be no losers from the Croxley rail link scheme: a win-win for all. The Croxley rail link could become very busy, and retaining the Watford Met branch would relieve pressure on the new rail link”

“The number of people using watford met has increased even in the last year and as the lines will be kept operational on a daily basis there is no need to close this station. It would need a small number of staff to operate it on top of those who would be there for the rolling stock anyway,especially as it is proposed to do away with ticket offices too. Plus it will alleviate some of the congestion that will increase in and around watford junction with the other new proposals. It is cheaper to get into London via this station, WILL it stay this cheaper fare if exiting from the junction? Lots of people walk to this station,in many cases they would probably have to go by car to reach the junction. Plus it is part of the character of our town which is disappearing at an alarming rate. Do we really want to live in an area that has no soul, just warehouse looking buildings of metal poles or green coverings. There really must be away for the Met line to continue from this station. Please let the decision be reconsidered.”

“Removing the existing Watford Met line station will further increase congestion in the West Watford area, as school drop-offs will now clog roads, where tube jourey’s are no longer possible”

“It seems madness to close this Station. No one has given a good reason(s) for doing this. It provides a healthy alternative because it encourages people to walk through Cassiobury Park from the Hunton Bridge side of Watford”.

“We are regular users of Watford station and if it closes it will mean we will have to travel a lot further to reach a station and increase our journey time. This would put us off using this method of transport should these plans go ahead and force us to use a car more often.The community in this part of Watford will not be served by a suitable and convenient train service.”

“I would lose my job. I already walk for 40 mins to get to Watford, Croxley/West Watford is too far to get to and I can’t afford the overground.”

To read all the signatories comments (and add your own), click here.

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