Another good reason not to build 700 homes on land south of Watford hospital

Watford Flood Plain

Excerpt from the Environment Agency’s flood risk map (‘Health Campus’ highlighted in green) published on the same day Watford’s ‘elected Mayor’ vowed to “do what she had to” to get 700 new homes built here!

Yes folks, that’s why no housing was built there before.  The ‘health campus’ development team say a flood relief channel beside the river Colne will be constructed as part of the proposals.  That’s like building a house in the middle of the M1 and saying it’s OK because crash barriers will be built round it!  Sustainable development – hmmm….

You’ll also notice that the proposed new road passes right through the worst flooding next to the river Colne.  Hopefully Hertfordshire has some amphibious ambulances!

Meanwhile, according to the Watford Observer, Watford’s elected mayor Dorothy Thornhill was in a belligerent mood about the beleaguered Farm Terrace allotments, a thorn in her side: “Legal challenge will not hold up health campus”, she says .  The readers’ comments make interesting reading!

Find out what’s wrong with the Health Campus proposals (apart from the fact Watford people have been lied to about in containing any healthcare) and have your say through the official channel.

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