Less than 9% of Watford Met Users would prefer to use Cassiobridge/Ascot Rd

If you’re one of the 2000+ people who will tap into or out of Watford Met today as you return to work or school after the summer and don’t yet know, you’ve been sacrificed for Watford’s greater travelling good.

Despite the claims made by TfL and lapped up by the Transport Secretary’s TWA inspector, the online user poll below (conducted over the past 10 days) confirms that 72% of you would rather a reduced service shuttle to Moor Park or Croxley than use the proposed new station at Cassiobridge/Ascot Rd and only 23% will prefer the new Croxley Rail Link options.  There are still a sad minority with a big chip on their shoulders about Cassiobury residents “let the rich folk walk, it’ll do them good” but at least 50% of ordinary people we asked had no idea about the proposed closure!130831 Met users survey

However the Secretary of State for Transport, your Mayor (Dorothy Thornhill), MP Richard Harrington and now the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, have confirmed that on account of the £millions of extra revenue the Croxley Rail Link will [allegedly] bring Watford over the next 20+ years, you won’t mind walking an extra 1.2km to and from the station and crossing two major roads, every morning, rain or shine, light or dark.  Fair?

London Travelwatch tried to fight your corner but in the end the huge political gains at stake for local politicians, their slick PR machinery and the need to spend £118m ‘doing something’ we can all ill-afford appear to have won over.  time to dust down your walking boots!

Ditched by Dotty, deserted by Dicky and shafted by Boris. Case closed?

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