What Watford Met Users are Saying

These are quotes from people who completed our user survey:

Ditto-66The station is good in a pleasant area. Immediate residents will be cut off. I cannot see the point of completely ending the service; surely some shuttle could be introduced, albeit with a lower frequency.

Watford metropolitan line station is a necessity for my family and I, it would be disaster for it to close

I like the idea of bringing the Met line into Watford Junction but not at the expense of Watford Met station. Why can’t we have both- at least for a one year trial.


I think they should build the Croxley Rail Link but have a shuttle from Croxley to Watford Met.

One member of our household is disabled (the Met station is close enough to walk to) and would be unable to walk to the new Two Bridges Station or other proposed stations so would have to use a car to get to the new station, therefore adding to the increased environmental impact – and the need to use and park a car for each journey as there are no suitable buses.

Closing the station means hundreds of school children who use the line needing to cross two major roads during rush-hour to get to school,. Commuters will have their average journey to the station increased. Access to the park, already restricted by permit-parking, will be even more difficult for families with children. Closing the station will increase the number of car journeys.

I do not actually live close to the station as I live in Kings Langley. However I have found Watford Underground Station very handy. Especially when I have needed stations like Liverpool Street, Baker Street and Euston Square. It has also been very useful when London Midland services are disrupted from Watford Junction.

Both my husband and I suffer thyroid problems and walking longer distances is just not an option for us. Use of cycle is very difficult with our condition and work clothes. Use of car means extra payments out ie parking & petrol. We often host foreign students and it is easier to show them to Watford Met for their trips into London. Watford Met is a short doable pleasant trip to where we need to get to but, if moved would affect my husband most who needs to travel into London everyday for work.

My son commutes to Rickmansworth School on the Met line. He is already walking 10 mins to Watford Met and then 15mins from Croxley met to school. Closing Watford Met would make him more reliant on parents driving him to school. It would be difficult and more dangerous with heavy books to cycle to school.

There has been very little news about the closure & with the recent Council Elections, I cannot recall that this this has been one of the issues any of the literature has been keen to highlight, or mention the benefits of the changes. This suggests that the parties know this would be something to cause disquiet. I feel cheated & regret not using my votes more wisely.

I am a single lady living on the Cassio metro estate and i can not drive to to medical condition,and i use Watford st every day to get to work and also to see family and friends in and around the Hertfordshire area,PLEASE do not close the st.

Whilst I understand the need to provide better transport links for West Watford this should be done in addition to serving Watford Met Line & not to sacrifice our train service in the casual way they seem to be doing. They have not delivered a argument to justify the closure of Watford Met Line Station.

I use Watford Met every day to travel to work. Both my children use Watford Met everyday to travel to school. It’s closure would be disastrous for us as we would have no alternative. It would mean many more extra car journey’s for all sorts of people. Also with the new West Herts College which has just been built with absolutely no parking facilities, many, many students use Watford Met for transport. The reason why the college was built without parking facilities was to encourage the use of public transport and now there is a proposal to shut the nearest train station!? How does that make any sense?

This is a decision must not be made. Too many people would be inconvenienced. If services were increased giving the residents of Watford a better service and people who visit Watford would find it more convenient, then I could see why the other link is being considered but the Watford Met Station is a vital part of this increase in services, surely. It is NOT going to help the people of Watford only cause more inconvenience and strain in you trying to deter people using their cars. In turn causing more detriment to all that is what you are trying to do in encouraging the public to do in the first place, which is to use public transport instead.

It’s absolutely ridiculous! Any political figure ignorant enough to carry this out would be swiftly removed from office by the voters.

The closing of Watford Met Line station will lead to increased traffic congestion, accidents and is totally impractical for many of the students who currently attend WGBS. On some days, boys are so heavily laden with kit required for school that parents will need to take them by car. This is a badly thought out scheme and one where the so called consultation process has tried to disguise the fact that they are planning on closing the station at Watford.

The business case is flawed. The impact on journey time would be signficant. Not only this I do not believe it will bring faster journey times from London or the North (by the time have waited for a connecting train and spent 10 mins on tube going through Watford). It will also improve congestion on Ricky Rd with people driving to Watford junction rather than adding an extra 20 to 30 mins to their journey time to London (walk, wait for a tube etc etc). It has been proven there is not the demand as that is why the old West Watford rail shut. The economic benefit is not proven and if anything I think it will be to the detriment of the local economy and causing a decline in house prices overall. Additionally, as I think people will end up using Watford Junction (drive there and try to make up the lost time using the fast train), the station will not be able to cope with the extra capacity and will need significant investment. Moreover, it is not good use of tax payer money spending over £100 million to link a distance of a mile or 2.

IF this UTTER waste of money is given the green light, then why not leave Watford open as a one stop extension like Amersham/Chesham. THE OBVIOUS ANSWER TO LINK WATFORD JUNCTION IS TO LET THE BAKERLOO LINE GO FURTHER THAN HARROW & WEALDSTONE. This multi million pound waste of tax payers money is sheer madness.

I am registered disabled and find difficult to walk far, I would really want the station not to be close, because this station is very useful for me and my members of my household, it only takes me 2 minutes walk to get there. Also my brother always uses this station everyday for travelling to get to his school in Rickmansworth

The map covering 97% catchment area for the Met is almost ALL to the North. A better profile map with iso lines on it would help! The frequency of trains over the shared track bed would rocket from 1 every 10 minutes to 1 every 3 – 3.5 minutes. If people are driving to the Met, where do they come from? Will they ADD to the congestion on St. Albans Road?

Why is the Croxley Rail Link Necessary? Watford town centre is served by mainline rail and London Overground already. How will this be funded? If Local/National Govt. have available funds they should improve health/police/roads etc in priority to this. If the rail companies have available funds they should use it to get their network/rolling stock up to an acceptable standard. If the Croxley Rail Link is necessary can Watford Met be kept open as a spur like Chesham?

I am extremely concerned about the closure of the met line, i am willing to do anything possible to prevent the Watford met station from closing down.

I think the proposal needs to be thought out very carefully. With so many using the Watford station every day any change made is going to impact a great number of people. The Cassio Metro estate was built with the next door tube station used as a major selling point. We moved to Watford to be next to the tube station as did many of our friends in the estate so closing the station would now leave a very bitter taste in the mouth.

I currently use Watford Met station as it is more cost effective than using Watford Junction (zone 1-7 plus £60 a month for parking still works out cheaper than using the overground from Watford Junction with no parking included). I’m surprised this survey is not covering the cost implication this change would have on literally hundreds of commuters. If Watford Met station were to close, the only real option I have would be to use Watford Junction which is a 25 min walk (one way) – parking is not an option at £8 per day!

I can not believe we are in this situation after spending so much money recently spent re-furbishing the Watford Met station and re-doing all the track etc (and the number of weekends the line has been down to do so). I though we were facing times of cuts rather than excessive expense on unrequired services. In addition, one of the key reason we purchased our home was because of ease of access to the met line station so we can go to work – the thought it may be taken away from us based on nothing more than a whim from the county council is a very scary prospect.

I and other members of my household use the watford met station for regular work commitments in london and surrounding areas. i find it very difficult to use any other station near by due to parking facillities.

Did live in Watford town centre and often used the station – it was always very busy – Watford needs more stations

This is just another way to make life difficult for people in Watford. Haven’t the council made our lives bad enough with all their stupid, pointless and very expensive ideas that no one wants or asked for in the first place without this added to it. The council keep building all these flats for all these people you want living here and making the place an eyesore so taking away one of our travel routes will create even more cars on our already congested roads in Watford. It’s funny as I thought the council like to go on about how green it is, this is hardly green is it. Why is this being allowed?

In my case it would increase the cost by as much as 30% which is ludicrous as this will force us to use the car more and congest the roads.

Closing Watford Met Line Station does not make any sense at all. Surveys should taken at peak times to see how many people rely on this station to go to and from work/school.Walking to other new proposed stations does not make any sense at all.

Don’t close it!!!! I’m a health care profession and this station has many links to hospitals on the line and to central London

Do not close Watford Tube. Thousands of commuters from all over Watford use it every day to travel to and from work in central London. Closing it would be a completely retrograde step.

I work in London and Watford tube is due to its location witch is 5 min away from my house the preferred and only transport link that i use. A closure of it would result in an unproportional enlongment of my journey time and in higher costs to travel. It would make it unaffordable to keep living where i live and i`d be forced to find a new home. What would equal a disaster since the place where i live is the best ever financially and socially.

It would be a big blow to my family, Watford and Cassiobury Park. I think it is ridiculous idea and i’m disappointed that the Mayor and the local MPs think this is a good idea.


I live on the north side of Cassiobury Estate and the closure of Watford Met Station would be a disaster for my family. I take the train every day to Baker Street which is really convenient for me. My daughter goes to Rickmansworth School and takes the train every day with me to Croxley Station. There is no way she could walk all the way home from Rickmansworth School, its utterly ridiculous. My son goes to Watford Boys and takes the train every Friday after school to work at Waitrose in Rickmansworth. He would not be able to get to work if the station closes as the bus service is pitiful. The closure would mean there are substantially more cars on the road (exactly what the goverment say they don’t want!) as that would be the only way people could get to work/school. The knock-on effect on traffic congestion would be a disaster. Whoever thinks that the station is not widely used should be there at 8 o’clock in the morning when literally train-loads of boys arrive to go to school at watford boys. Similarly a large number of boys and girls get on the train to go to Ricky School. Why are these people trying to make our lives even more difficult than they already are??

Ditto-99I drive from Northamptonshire every day to Watford station. The effect on my journey time will be to increase some 15+ mins every day and add to the CO2 emissions.


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