SOS (Save our Service) Last Chance to do the Watford Met Shuttle?

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts about saving Watford Met with us and Mayor Boris Johnson by completing the short poll below.

There’s so much pressure behind the Croxley Rail Link that the best we can hope for is a 3 trains per hour (tph) shuttle service to/from Watford Met but that needn’t be such a bad thing. We previously invited comments on a number of options but didn’t get a very good response – the options could have appeared complicated so the survey has now been simplified.

Please bear in mind that changing at Croxley is likely to require changing platforms in at least one direction and currently there is no lift.  Changing to/from Watford Jct CRL services at Moor Park would likely be either the same platform or a level change. Changing to fast Met Line services is still likely to require crossing via the subway to Platform 2.

If you get the chance please also write or e-mail Boris Johnson (communications must include the writer’s address) asking for an independent inquiry into keeping the station open.

Thank you for your time answering this survey.

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2 Responses to SOS (Save our Service) Last Chance to do the Watford Met Shuttle?

  1. shivanjali says:

    Currently there are buses running through Cassiobury estate providing link between Junction, Met station and Business Park. After CRL, will these services be stopped / reduced ? Thanks.

    • Save Watford Met says:

      With the exception of the limited service W30, there aren’t! However the fact not many people use the W30 is indicative that most of the 1.57 million entry/exits to Watford Met in 2011 were people local living or working close to the station and don’t consider the need to get a bus for onward travel.

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