New tube map illustrates strategic futility of Link

An innovative new tube map designed by Dr Max Roberts was published last week.  Click here for article about it in last Wednesday’s Metro.

London Underground Circle Map 2013

Interestingly Roberts has chosen to depict the Croxley Rail Link as complete.  Some might say this attests to it being a ‘done deal’ – no comment!  However closer examination of the map (which it has to be said is diagrammatic/schematic and certainly not to scale) clearly illustrates that the Link effectively makes the Met Line double back on itself to close a circuitous loop back to Watford Junction, the most direct route still being via the DC Line/ Overground.  Savewatfordmet’s version below reinstates Watford Met and (perhaps more correctly pending the outcome of the public enquiry) shows the link as a dashed line:

London Underground Circle Map v2

As for the viability of branch stations the map clearly shows there are many which, like Watford Met, are there to serve a community and meet a demand (many via a shuttle service): Mill Hill East, Epping, Abbey Wood, Crystal Palace, Richmond, Hammersmith, Kensington Olympia, New Cross, not to mention the as yet unbuilt Nine Elms & Battersea on the Northern Line and of course the Met Line’s own Chesham.

But the Croxley Rail Link doesn’t need to spell the end for Watford Met (perhaps renamed ‘Cassiobury’. Please cast your vote on the most preferable shuttle service.

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