‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello – what’s going on here then?

I was proceeding in a southerly direction along Wiggenhall Road this weekend when I looked left while crossing the bridge over what is proposed to be the Croxley Rail Link and noticed this suspicious-looking pile of new and old track sections and sleepers!  Surely no-one could be preparing to start work on the “Link” before the consultation has finished about closing Watford Met? What if it has to be kept?


Hopefully this would suggest that LUL does have a back-up plan up its sleeve after all to continue with the Link while keeping Watford Met open – it was even reported in Construction News on 3rd May that a notice had been placed in the Official Journal of the European Union to find a contractor!  Surely work would not be statrting on CRL without a Transport and Works Act Order but wouldn’t it be great news if an alternative were being considered?  However I fear this is not the case but look forward to hearing from LUL about its consultation exercise at the public meeting at 10am on 14th June at Watford Colosseum.

Mind you it was a bit disappointing that this weekday, working hours meeting was only publicised to Watford Met Travellers for the first time last week (yes, bank holiday/half-term week which many people took off) when a poster was eventually put up in the station foyer:


It’s the one on the far right in case you can’t make it out.  There’s nothing displayed outside the station and nothing has been put through the doors of local homes (except independently by our local councillors).  The sign on the left is about the new off-peak and evening timetable with it’s reduced service.  Should there have been more consultation about reducing the service from 4 trains per hour to 6 or is the station being marginalised gradually by ‘stealth’?  Perhaps that’s our clue as to how LUL proposes to keep the station open – should be an enlightening meeting on Thursday!

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One Response to ‘ello, ‘ello, ‘ello – what’s going on here then?

  1. TRT says:

    That was part of the track renewal works on the DC line.

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