The final showdown?

So, the final showdown – a public meeting to voice your concerns and save our local tube station (this could be it) is scheduled for…wait for it…drum roll please…10am on Thursday 14th June at Watford Colosseum.  Yes, 10am on a weekday!  Is that convenient for all you students or working commuters out there who use Watford Met?  No, I don’t suppose it was!  The truth is this session is not for your benefit.  It’s just intended to tick the consultation ‘box’ so that London Underground and Hertfordshire CC can plough ahead with the Croxley Rail Link and close Watford Met!

Watford Colosseum

So many local people have told me and Councillors Jeffree & Derbyshire they don’t want to let this happen – over 1,100 people have signed a petition!  LRT are relying on your apathy and lethargy.  If this happens we won’t get another chance to save our station and, if all else goes without a hitch for CRL, it’ll be less than 4 years before you’ll be trudging along Rickmansworth Road to and from the new Ascot Road station (or getting in your car etc.)!

However time will be short at the meeting.  As well as letting us know if you can take time out to attend the meeting (please get in contact) we need to co-ordinate the delivery of our key messages to the panel clearly and articulately.

  • No problem with CRL so long as existing Met travellers won’t be worse off than now
  • 16 mins extra travel for people in Cassiobury Triangle & parts of West Watford
  • For people living north of Cassiobury Park it’s too far to walk to Ascot Rd or Watford Jct
  • Watford Met still best for Cassiobury Park, Watford Grammar, Colosseum, Town Hall…
  • Hundreds of school boys will be forced to walk 16 mins along busy main road
  • Journey time to Watford Met already 42 mins.  Who will travel 50+ mins to Watford Jct?
  • Overground trains already serve Watford High St & Watford Jct
  • Many travellers use this to travel north then take faster Midland trains from Watford Jct
  • Economic Benefit of CRL (attracting business to Watford) is conjecture/unproven
  • Costs of CRL are not robust – what happens to Watford Met if costs overrun/unfunded?
  • Might there be more affordable solutions such as
    • Moor Park/Croxley > Watford Shuttle?
    • Watford circular [hopper?] bus?

We’ve suggested above what we think these might be but don’t hesitate to get in contact if you have other ideas or you would especially like to speak at the meeting.  However it’s important we get a good crowd there.  Please confirm ASAP if you will attend.  Thanks for your support!!

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One Response to The final showdown?

  1. Chris says:

    The evidence submitted by LUL’s operations guy appears to me to be flawed. The proposed plan to reverse 4tph at Rickmansworth is ludicrous. Take a look at the track layout at Rickmansworth. There are only two lines here, shared by Chiltern and LUL. There is no cross-over from NB to SB immediately north of Ricky, so a NB reverser will have to cross onto the SB line south of the station, detrain on Platform 2, the driver will either have to swap ends at this point or they will have to use stepping back at Moor Park to change ends quickly. Alternatively, if they use the stable siding north of Platform 2 to swap ends, then they will have to stop passengers on Platform 2 waiting for a SB from boarding so they are not carried over the shunt (against LUL rules). In any event, this move will block the SB met line for between 3 and 15 minutes depending on how much lay-over and recovery time is in the WTT. This move could be achieved much more easily at Watford Met without changes to any infrastructure.

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