It’s consultation, Jim…but not as we know it!

It’s consultation, Jim…but not as we know it!

Well the official CRL online ‘consultation‘ has finally been launched.  What a joke!  If you’re worried about the possible closure of Watford Met Line station, make sure you take these actions:





Personally I think the survey seeks to force answers supporting the scheme by means of the questions it asks so I have drafted some answers to questions 6 & 7 which others may find helpful in completing their own response:
“6. I agree CRL would provide more travel CONNECTIONS – the Metropolitan line would be connected to the London Overground so indisputably that’s one more CONNECTION than currently exists. However as I can’t see a significant number of people from Met stations between Finchley Rd and Croxley using the link northward or CONNECTING with the London Overground then I can’t see how the benefit of building the link would justify the vast scheme costs and outweigh the disbenefit to current users of Watford Met Station.
7. I believe the consultation is unfairly skewed against users of the existing Watford Met line station by only asking if there will overall be an improvement travel connections which, TECHNICALLY, as stated above there would be.

And while you’re here…


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